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Insulate for your Health’s Sake

As we settle into autumn and adjust to shorter days, it’s a good time to think about warming up your home for the colder months ahead.

Ensuring your home is warm doesn’t just make it cosier; it makes it healthier. World Health Organisation research has shown that if the temperature in your home is consistently below 18°C, you are much more likely to suffer from colds, bronchitis and asthma. It’s little wonder New Zealand has one of the highest rates of asthma in the world (one in six adults and one in four children), given one-third of our homes are poorly insulated.

Insulating your home is the single most effective thing you can do to keep your home warm, dry and healthy. One study by the Wellington School of Medicine and Health Sciences showed:

  • A significant improvement in the self-reported health of those living in the insulated houses in the study compared to those whose houses were not insulated.
  • Adults and children in insulated houses reported visiting their GP less.
  • Adults and children in insulated houses reported that they were admitted to hospital less often for respiratory conditions.
  • Adults and children in insulated homes were significantly less likely to report sick days.
  • People living in insulated houses reported less visible mould inside their homes.

save you energy and money. A fully insulated house needs about half the heating of an uninsulated house. In fact, paying a bit more for insulation now will save

you money well into the future, as increased savings each year will eventually pay for the insulation that will continue saving you money, year after year. If you’ve been thinking about insulating your home there has never been a better time. Combine the direct health benefits with reduced energy costs for home heating, and the Energywise™ subsidy saving you up to $1,300, and it makes sense.

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