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My Pharmacy Magazines distribute health-related magazines to families through independent pharmacy channels.

Living With Allergies Spring 2017

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MY PHARMACY MAGAZINES is a small group of family-oriented publications designed to get your message out to consumers through independent pharmacies nationwide (600+). Our readers are visitors to pharmacies nationwide seeking professional advice.

MY PHARMACY MAGAZINES provides practical information on conventional medical approaches, natural therapies and the latest cutting-edge treatments. MY PHARMACYMAGAZINES offer advertisers a golden opportunity to directly reach customers at the pharmacy point of sale counter. Our websites and the online magazines give your products both digital and print coverage.


LIVING WITH ALLERGIES is a trusted one-stop publication for anyone with an allergy. Each issue features news, views, expert advice, latest research, new products, great recipes and inspiring real-life stories. Our core mission: To provide consumer-focused, easily understood and seasonal information about allergies, their management, prevention and treatment. Our key message: You can take control of your allergies and we can help.

LIVING WITH ALLERGIES covers all forms of allergic disorders in adults and children including food allergies and intolerances, asthma, eczema, dermatitis, hay fever, insect stings and environmental allergies. We provide practical information on traditional medical approaches, natural therapies and the latest cutting-edge treatments. Every issue includes a special focus on children with practical advice for parents on how to manage their child’s allergies day to day.

New Zealand has one of the highest allergy and asthma rates in the world. Allergies affect an estimated one in three people at some time in their lives.


MY HEALTH is packed full of advice for all ages and stages of life – young, old, and those in-between. Our readers are anyone who visits a pharmacy for medication and advice, which is pretty much everyone!

Our readers are trying to find relief from a variety of ailments, be it a mild headache or a life-threatening allergy. They want simple, trusted information that lets them take control of their health. They are also looking for ways to enhance their health and live a full and well life.

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  • Acrobat job options available on request.


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